Eight Free WordPress Themes with Customisable Colour Schemes

So you know how to customise a website colour scheme, but maybe there’s still the issue of what design to start off with. Or maybe you’d like something you can change a little faster: tinkering with website CSS is all well and good, but you want your site up today, and it’s faster to switch up some built-in options than it is to figure out the custom CSS.

There’s WordPress themes with no options whatsoever, which need to be customised entirely through CSS, but fortunately there’s also a good many with built-in options. Some only give the options of a few pre-built themes, others are fully customisable. Some (like Suffusion) have both: pre-built themes which can then be further customised. A few even have a built-in CSS section, which gives you a place to customise CSS beyond the standard WordPress theme editor.

Here’s some samples of some easily-customisable WordPress themes, both as they look by default and how they look with their most basic customisations:

  1. Basic Simplicity – Most, though not quite all, colours are customisable, and there’s a custom CSS section in the settings page. The header doesn’t have a built-in upload feature like most themes with customisable headers do, but it’s still pretty easy to change.
  2. Blaskan – As far as colours go, only the background and header can be easily customised, but it’s still a good-looking theme.
  3. Blogolife – Six different colour themes to change the ribbon-like elements, and the header image and background are fully customisable.
  4. Graphene – Tons of options on this one, and not just in appearance. Pretty much every individual element can be customised. There’s also a built-in section for custom CSS.
  5. Mantra – Not every element is customisable, but a good many are, and there’s a custom CSS section to cover the rest.
  6. Suffusion – Includes over twenty prebuilt colour themes which are fully customisable, so you can ditch the default look right off and still have the ability to do a bit of tinkering.
  7. Twenty Eleven – This is currently the default WordPress theme, and while it’s not as highly customisable as some others, it’s the theme you’re guaranteed to have installed if you don’t want to bother uploading anything new. You can choose between a light (black text on white background) or dark (white on black) basic scheme and further customise links, page background, header image, and header text colour.
  8. WP Creativix – Doesn’t include much colour customisation beyond background and header/link text, but it does include a slider and some other nice design features.

Have you tried any of these themes? Know of another customisable WordPress theme which is even better? Leave a comment letting us know all about it!